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Transform parks and lives.

Finding community impact programs that align with your mission shouldn't be a struggle.

ParkRx Arizona answers with well-established goals, metrics, and deliverables for our partners.

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Support Our Proven Framework for Success

Our community-led approach breaks down barriers and creates opportunities for active-living—increasing participants' confidence and motivating them to take charge of their parks and health.

Focus on Community Connections

We build relationships between neighborhood communities, organizational partners, and healthcare providers and their patients.

Improve Park Infrastructure

ParkRx Coordinators work with neighborhoods—identifying changes needed to create safer, more active, and greener spaces. We've planted trees, created gardens, advocated for new equipment, and more.

Facilitate Activities and Programming

Active parks are safer parks! At ParkRx parks, community members can participate in group walks, yoga, organized sports, community gardens, and more.

Strengthen Community Leaders

We identify and train local leadership in community outreach, event organization, communication tools, and advocacy.

ParkRx Prescriptions

Spending time in parks is proven to be good for both mental and physical health! Our Healthcare Provider Partners connect their patients with ParkRx activities by writing prescriptions for Park Time.

Our Impact in Numbers

Trees Planted

Parks Activated

Confidence in Accountability

We share your vision of more equitable health opportunities, and we make great partners to deliver on the conditions of your mission.

Our program comes with confidence in accountability and stability. The oversight comes from AZ HealthZone in delivery of our SNAP-Ed operating budget and mandates for equitable health outcomes.

With this mandate, our administration team is prepared to support our community partners with evidence-based approaches, trainings, and intergovermental coordination.

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"ParkRx has been a great contribution to our small community in the south of Phoenix. It has brought people from other places to enjoy the park and now they feel safer walking outdoors with their family. We have an amazing park!

-Evelyn Alvarado
ParkRx Arizona Community Coordinator

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Our Plan for Partnership

  1. Connect with Us

    We would love to hear from you! Contact us and we can schedule some time to understand your goals. Call us at 602-354-3023 or email us at

  2. Let's Develop a Plan Together

    We will work with you to provide a scope of work that clarifies our commitments based on your requirements.

  3. Make an Impact

    We work together to accomplish our planned goals and keep you up-to-date on our progress.

We Can Work Together to Help People Live Healthier Lives

You want to partner with programs that you are confident will make an impact and align with your goals.

That’s why we work with you to develop a plan that both best serves our communities and delivers on your mission, and report on our progress.

So that you know you are making the greatest impact possible in helping people live healthier lives.

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